Thursday, January 5, 2012

Apparently I have a "fetching snarl"

Thank you to Cory Frye and the Entertainer for putting HFE's split with Angries on the year-end list. From the Entertainer:
Angries/Hooray for Everything (split 7-inch EP) — “Let me arrange your face!” Caitlin Garets explodes on “Arrange Your Face,” but it’s no mere cosmetic suggestion. She’s seconds from throwing down, mitts clenched and drawn, shouting across fellow Angries Robb Vancil’s game bass grumble, Justin Groft’s come-and-get-some guitar and Mike Thomas’ jackrabbit drums. “Face” is just one of two storms the Corvallis quartet whipped across vinyl with Oakland, Calif.’s Hooray for Everything (featuring former zip-coder/Lazyboy legend Pete Deegan, the fetching snarl of Faith Gardner and that most-excellent dive-bomb, “Solipsist”). All four songs are suitable for sending spindles into breathless punk lathers. They’re fast, they’re hard, and they’ll clear your ear-ways like buzzsaws through butter. ( or

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Read the whole thing here.

Listen to/order the record here.

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