Friday, November 14, 2014

Farewell to Blogspot

Dear Blogspot,

We had some fun times together but I'm afraid it's time to move on.

Find me at my new site



Monday, April 21, 2014

Scream Queen record

Dark Beach has a record. Yes, that's me on the cover, there. The seven inch has three songs on it and comes with a free digital download. The digital download includes a bonus track. It's a split release, half Dark Beach, half Unicorn Power Schema. You can order it or listen to it or download it online here.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Big Lucks

It's 2014 and I have been quiet. But things have been happening. One of these things is that I have a story in the new print and online issue of Big Lucks. It features a bad priest and a dead dog. It's called "No Experience Necessary" and is another in a series of stories I wrote based on spam email titles. Don't say spam didn't ever lead to anything worthwhile.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Funeral Party

The amazing Stagnant Cult made us a new music video and it's stunning!

What a fun day with so many beautiful people.

Watch, share, love:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Am A Mermaid

Carolyn Turgeon over at the amazing I Am A Mermaid blog did a writeup/ interview with Dark Beach about our video and more!

Check it out here.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Paper Darts


I have a story called "All Natural and Safe" in Paper Darts this week!

It's another story inspired by a spam email title.

I love Paper Darts.

The artwork is brilliant.

What an honor.