Sunday, February 26, 2012


I'm going to AWP in Chicago this next week. I'm scared. Never been to a writerly conference. Fancies everywhere. Registrations sold out before I could purchase mine. Bummer. I do enjoy lollygagging in hotel rooms. My best friend in the world is coming and she makes everything better. Going to Amtrak it to Milwaukee for a day trip to see some awesome people. I'm reading at this on Thursday and this on Friday. These will be my first not-school-related readings. Chicago is going to be cold and I have no real jackets. I'm excited to meet online people offline though. Twitter grows faces. Facebook embodied.

See you in Chicago, maybe? Let's make some awkward conversation. I'll be the one with the bright-ass hair.


  1. !!! So cool. Have fun at the readings, that's really really great. Tell me what xTx looks like. I picture her as Tila Tequila, for some reason.

  2. Delaney! Done & done, xTx will be surely be a highlight. AND I will put on a mask of your face, get trashed and piss on the booths.