Monday, November 7, 2011

An open letter to the person now googling “girl bigger hands” and somehow arriving at my blog

Dear "girl bigger hands" person,

Your sudden arrival at my blog yesterday, and then again today, both tickles and puzzles me. Naturally, I'm wondering, are you the same gentle googler who often finds me via "girl with huge hands"? If so, have the usual search results grown blasé to you, now leaving you wanting images of even more enormous female hands? Is there an end to this ever-expanding love of yours?

Perhaps you are only one of many google-efficient big handlovers out there. Perhaps there are legions of you, sitting at your screens, gazing at all the expansive feminine palms and elongated girlish fingers the internet has to offer. In any case, be you one or be you many, I strive to make the visit here worth your while. I searched long and hard through the unsightliest pages of the internet (seriously, check out these dudes) to try to find something that might delight you.

Well, I found this very strange video of a lady named Solene's large hands striking poses with a smaller pair of hairy man hands. Why the man hands, I don't know. Maybe for contrast? Maybe it's supposed to be titillating? I'm out of my area of expertise here, Bigger Handlover, so fill in the blanks yourself. Anywho, Big-Handed Solene's video seems to be a trailer leading to a site called "Macro Women" which may be something of interest to you. I, exhausted, lazy, and apathetic when it comes to the subject of ample female appendages, ended my journey at the Solene video, but perhaps your journey has only just begun, like that Carpenters song or that bank commercial once said.

Thank you for visiting, mysterious stranger. Until we meet again ...

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