Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lampposts and Stories

This article describes a mystery novel appearing, page by page, on NYC streetlamps.

I'm intrigued by this and think it's either pure genius or desperation. Not that one can't be one and not the other. Then again, how different is posting on a lamppost than posting on a blogpost?

My favorite part:
The writer is still unnamed, for now, so the Post went around asking locals if they like the idea or not:

"Honestly, I don't like the idea. I hate it when people just post things everywhere," said Joe Curanhj, 42, owner of Stromboli Pizza, located right in front of the lamppost bearing Page 8. "They have the Internet, why don't they use that?"

A cab driver notes, "Books have a lot of pages."

Wisely stated, nameless cabbie.

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