Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Truly Astounding Success Story of Mr. Julius Nipper

Almost ten years ago, I started trying to write short stories and "The Truly Astounding Success Story of Mr. Julius Nipper" is one of the earliest I ever finished. I'm not very proud of it craftwise, but it still amuses me. It's up at Necessary Fiction today as a part of their January "Origin Stories," a really awesome project. Check out the archives to see early work by other much fancier authors.


  1. "Mr. Nipper had extraordinarily dainty hands, girlish hands that undertook each task with an astute precision. They were a dry white color and his fingers were thin and bony."


    Either way, this piece still shows flashes of your brilliance even from 10 years ago. I could CCP the paragraphs but I will spare you the boring details (Of which you are probably already aware).
    PS- where's our new 1 hour song?

  2. Ha! Nice passage to highlight. And thank you for the kind words. And I just posted a new 1 hour song today, I'm aiming for one every two weeks-ish.