Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blogspotlight #7: A plethora of life-changing blogs

It's been so long since I've been blogspotting that I almost forgot about my favorite internet pastime: typing random words to precede blogspot.com and finding people's random, mostly abandoned, blogs. I spent a shameful amount of time on this recently with delightful results:

*I'm Famous, You Are Not. Ah, I love this. If only it spanned more than the month of January in 2004. This guy is, supposedly, some kind of reality TV star (strange that such a thing exists) complaining about how horrible it is to be famous:
sometimes i hate being a celebrity. i'm famous. you are not. you have no idea what i have to go through. people like you, constantly harping on me when i'm in public. i wish i could go to the post office, but i can't. because of people like you. it's not my fault, either, that i'm famous, it's your fault.

The blog goes on to document a few sad, obnoxious run-ins with people who recognize this alleged celebrity:
been traveling a lot. wish i had a computer on the road. was on a ski lift last week in utah. somebody threw a snowball at me because i refused an autograph. its hard to sign something when you have big gloves on and nothing to sign.

Poor baby!

*This blog only has two puzzling entries: a strange cartoon of Schnappi, a possibly German crocodile, and some kind of abstract photoshopped picture of Avril Lavigne. That is all.

*Yes! A ten-year-old blogger who thinks he's going to be famous! The tagline of the epic one-entry blog, My Triple Threat Years:
Hi im Jesse miller im 10 years old and this is my adventure to my triple threat years.for those of you who dont know what that is its a mixture of acting, dancing and singing i want this and i have for 7 years im so exited to start read all about me

Unusual for a blogspotting find, this blog was started in 2011. Where are you, Jesse Miller? Update us on your "carere" please!

*Meet Jayme, a teenager posting about her love problems:
Monday, July 11, 2005
I love to hate
I hate this. I can't even stand looking at your face. I hate the things you say to me. I hate the promises you make. I'm far from perfect, but boy so are you. I don't know if I even wish for us to work. I just wish you were out of my life forever.

Two days later:
Wednesday, July 13, 2005
He's back
ahh I love him! He makes me feel so whole. Whenever I'm with him or just talking to him it makes me so happy. I feel like a little kid again with butterflies in my stomach as if he was my first crush. I don't know what happened with us there but it's all better now. Better than ever!

Ah, young love. Must say, don't miss that part of youth at all.

*THIS BLOG, CELEBRITY DREAMS, IS AMAZING. Someone calling themselves "Mercury Vague" (pronounced like "Prague"), described as a "re-knowned French psychic, emancipated thinker and dream interpreter interprets dreams about celebrities." Yes!! Examples of Mercury's responses:
Exploding bombs in dreams often refer to moving location/ moving houses and with the strong Scottish element I believe this means a move North. Be careful though because Rod Stewart in dreams is thought to be symbolic of decay, maybe dry rot.

A delightful dream with a clear reading. Seeing yourself as a detective indicates personal troubles ahead. Bald men, like Duncan Goodhew, are usually indicative of swindlers and chiselers.

A kangaroo means travel by aeroplane. A knife in a dream is a bad sign indicating grief in the future. Skippy usually is a sign of carefree happiness but this reading must be balanced by the extremely bad combination of symbols that is a knife wielding kangaroo. My advice to you would be to not travel by plane.

Amazing! Where are you, Mercury Vague? The celebrity dream posts stopped in 2007, but this intriguing post from October 2011 gives me hope that one day Mercury will make a comeback:
Hygv vgvgb ggg hhh fffvfc vfvfcfc vfvfcf vv tggv fcfc fvgvv vggv gvv gvggvcgc hhyredy you bastard drew

*Okay, and this last one is seriously just rad. A lady working at a bar in DCA writes about all her celebrity spottings (mostly politicians) and more. She's been blogging since 2004 at scarlettohara.blogspot.com and her entries are fun to read.


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