Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An open letter to the person frequently googling “girl with huge hands” and somehow arriving at my blog

Dear “girl with huge hands” person,

Greetings. I’m glad, somehow, your fetish for enormous female phalanges has brought you here. Although I myself don’t have huge hands, I find your interest in this subject both curious and amusing, and so have taken the liberty of pasting random photos of grotesquely large hands in hopes I might please you.

Please enjoy the following that I googled in your honor:

And, in my google images journey, I was led to a blog dedicated solely to the passion for large female hands.

Godspeed, big handlover.




  1. Hilarious!! Who is this big hand seeker? I must know when you find out.

  2. I know, it's killing me! Big handlover, whoever you are, leave me a comment. It would make my day.

  3. Damn. You caught me big handed. ;)

    You seriously have me lmao'ing right now.

  4. Hahaha, just seen this. As a woman in my early 20's with abnormally large hands (8" wrist to fingertip and I'm only 5' 7")I have to agree with you about the "big hand fetishists"!. I've had several guys comment on my mighty maulers and make rather lewd comments as to what I could do for them with my hands. One guy was so disgusting that I had to show him what my big hands can do....I slapped him. One advantage of having huge hands is that they slap damned hard....and they hurt!!!

    Jessica from England

  5. Wow, thanks for your comment, Jessica! So refreshing to hear about all this from the big-handed female's point of view. How annoying that must be having creepy guys making lewd comments about your hands, but I never thought about how being big-handed comes with an extra advantage. :) So to you big-hand fetishists, be forewarned: don't mess with a big-handed lady. She might use her mitts against you.

  6. My hand is 8" from the wrist to the tip o the middle finger... But im a guy so that is a big hand for a girl,also my open hand is 10" from the Tip of my Little finger till my thumb...

  7. Well, I'm a guy (Italian) and a big-hand lover myself (but they must still look feminine). I'm both embarrassed and curious about that.. and recently found out that there are so many guys with this taste around!

  8. I am a 6' male with very small hands (6 3/4") from wrist to tip of my middle finger... Would love putting my hand up to Jessica's...

  9. For me, I basically have a fetish for every part of the female body, but mostly parts that are different. For instance, I like small hands and large hands, both, although normal hands are okay. Just for the record, I'm not a perv. I just love women's bodies, every part. I don't make pervy statements to women or stare at them or do other weird things. The only way I indulge my fetishes at all is by occasionally looking for pictures. I also would like to say that my sexual partners (I only have one now because I'm married) have tended to like that I made an erotic zone of their entire bodies. :)