Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Found Footage Festival

Oh my stars! I just discovered Found Footage Festival's website and they have a million bazillion amazing podcasts up, all hilarious videos they've been collecting at thrift stores for years. It's the YouTube before YouTube. Homemade gymnastics videos, a how-to on infant massage, Christian rap videos, ladies who dress their cats up and make them play the piano, Pretty Boy Floyd the instructional pool shark, 80's manic jazzercise instructors ... and this terrifying infomercial.

So fascinating, all of it. Not only is it hilarious, but it highlights the general modern ridiculousness of human beings who want so badly to be on camera. It reminds me of my own ridiculousness. I love awkward unprofessional homemade things.

Found Footage Festival has all their videos online for free!
You can download them or watch them online. It will made you laugh. It will make your jaw drop.


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