Friday, January 21, 2011

Flash Flash Flash

Necessary Fiction features some of the best contemporary short fiction out there. This recent addition to their site, a flash piece called "Eskimo Days" by Tawnysha Greene, is excellent. The dark story told through a child's point of view exemplifies how much a writer can do in terms of hinting at a whole life, set of characters and their dysfunction in very little space.

I'm reading a lot of flash right now because next month I'll be teaching a flash fiction workshop for teens and I'm looking for stories we can read as a class. I recently read Kim Chinquee's Oh Baby, which is full of paragraph-length stories that some classify as "prose poems." I thought the book was an enjoyable read, and I've definitely picked out a few pieces to use as examples for the workshop. I'm also reading Amelia Gray's AM/PM, which is just amazing, and quite different from Museum of the Weird. I'm thinking about using a few of her quirky pithy stories as examples as well. I have some so-so anthologies featuring fancy famous writers, but on the whole, they're not really grabbing me. For the most part I've found better work in the online lit mags I read.

If anyone stumbles across any excellent flash pieces or has any recommendations, please send them my way. I'm on the hunt for a range of stories under 1,000 words, contemporary, classic, experimental, traditional, whatever.


  1. Wow, thanks so much for the shout out!

  2. Hi Tawnysha! Thanks again for the great story. I'm using it in a little flash fiction workshop I teach this semester.