Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blogspotlight #2

In my random search through the decade-old public portholes into other people's minds, I found a four-entry blog written by a single woman who was trying to find herself after a solo trip to Sydney. The blog, titled Keystrokes: Musing of An Old Soul, begins:

21 august 2002

one cold morning

walking against the wind, one cold morning in Sydney, it suddenly hit me that wanted none of my old life back. then and there, i decided to live my life the way i truly wanted it to be. no more, i told myself. no more. still walking, i was starting to fill with with hope.


Her next entry details an array of people who took her picture while she was there. This list intrigues me for many reasons that I'm way too lazy and coffee-deprived to elaborate on, but in short, I get a real sense of the obnoxiousness and loneliness of this character through her memories of the picture-takers:
Hence, before I forget, I'd like to thank all those people of varied nationalities who took my picture:

-the plus-sized looking girl who seemed to be a local and looked mighty pleased when I called her "Ma'am"
-the senior tourist who asked his wife to take my picture -- they look American;
-the window washer who looked Spanish at the State Library of New South Wales;
-the brisk-walking pretty blonde girl at The Gap--although she wasn't successful in all of her two tries;
-the dark, Latin looking couple who patiently took twice, and was unsuccessful, also at the Gap;
-the middle-aged guy with long bushy hair and shades and beard who took my photo and asked me to stand where the sun shines, so my face could be seen on the picture (at Watson's Bay);
-the Singaporean-Chinese looking single dad with a toddler whom he left on the bus while he went out to the Gap -- they started playing once he came back the bus;
-the pretty jogger in powder blue, who was kind and accommodating, even though I have interrupted her jogging;
and lastly,
-the Japanese girl who took my photo for the third time because, according to her--one of my eyes blinked.


"Can you take my picture?" I asked one of the frisbee-throwing guys at Manly Beach.
"Take your camera?" They joked. But they took my picture anyway. And it's a good picture, too.

After these two entries, our Blogger-blogger Eva goes back to work and becomes once again consumed with her own sense of hopelessness and loneliness, and loses her lust for her blog, abandoning it forever after only 9 days. Whatever happened to Eva? And -- the most important question of all: why, of all names for a humorless soul-searching blog, would Eva choose as her url? The mysteries are endless.

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