Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Writing Down, Music Up

I won't lie, things have not been very promising writingwise and I have nothing happy to blog about. Novels, short stories, doodles on napkins, I'm tired of putting effort forth to try to get published. Having an agent doesn't make a difference. The form rejections keep coming via email like they have for the past seven plus years. I feel like a very silly person for expecting success from writing.

I found this blog post documenting a series of quotes from rejections to now-famous authors. It's comforting, in a way. Then again I feel like it shows that all any of this is is unpredictable randomness and the whims of faraway editors anyway. But it's interesting.

On a happier note, musicwise, things have been fun and joyful. New songs, rad shows, great people. Hooray for everything is going to Oregon next week for three shows in Corvallis, Portland and McMinnville and it should be a blast. Our stuff should be up on iTunes soon. I'm hoping to do some recording with my solo project next month and get some shows going.

The end.

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