Monday, September 20, 2010

More hooray for everything Reviews

Oregon was fabulous. HFE had three shows and three writeups in three days. I love it there! It was my first trip to Portland and I must say, I was a little sad to come home so soon, even despite the rain. But everything went impeccably, the shows were awesome, the people were super fun, and we got to play in Portland with ex-members of the Wipers and Team Dresch. I can't tell you how awesome that was.

Here's a writeup of us in the McMinnville News-Register, which gives our album a nice little review, except for the part where they say we're from LA. I don't know where people get their info. Otherwise, good stuff.

Here's another writeup in the Linfield Review that mostly focuses on our bass player Pete, who grew up in McMinnville. It's oddly written, but not a bad review.


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