Thursday, July 29, 2010

Playing 2-3 Shows in SoCal, T-shirts, Recording

My band hooray for everything is playing tonight in Santa Barbara, tomorrow in Ventura, and possibly the next day in San Luis Obispo. Yeah, I know, kind of last minute. But if you're in any of the aforementioned areas, come see us! Show specifics are there in the Facebook and the Myspace.

I just got this fancy new phone and hope to take lots of pics and maybe even a video. Who knows what's in store?

Oh yeah! And we have a new demo-quality recording up of our most recent 5 songs, and made some T-shirts as well.



  1. Um, I'm going to need one of those shirts. Awesome!Hooray!

  2. Thanks for taking the pic! I will save you a shirt.